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ROYALE CROWN STZ is our other premium dental crown, which is also made by Digital Dental Technology.

It's for those patients that want the very best - as it's made from a revolutionary metal-free material.

What is Royale Crown STZ?

ROYALE CROWN STZ is our super translucent zirconia crown without porcelain overlay. This restoration is suited for cases with little inter occlusion space or for patients having problem of Bruxism. ROYALE CROWN STZ restorations are tooth colored replacement of PFM or full cast metal restorations.

It offers the following benefits

Super Translucent, so looks like a natural tooth.

High strength of 1400+ Mpa..

Ideal posterior metal-free alternative.

No chipping as there is no ceramic overlay.

Ideal for cases having less occlusal clearance.

Ideal for patients having problem of Bruxism.

Designed and Milled with CAD / CAM technology.

Ideal occlusal reduction of 1.25mm.

What is Royale Crown STZ?

Royale Crowns are only available through member dentists that are registered with Royale Crown and Teeth Pvt Ltd.

Your nearest Royale Crown member dentist will be happy to provide more information. During a consultation they will be able to assess your teeth and explore the treatment options available to you, and fit your Royale Crown.

What's the MRP of Royale Crown STZ?

The MRP for a Royale Crown STZ is INR 9,000 per unit.