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Royale Crowns are custom-made tooth shaped "caps" that are made to fit over a damaged tooth. Crowns are produced to match the color and shade of any existing teeth so they will appear natural and will blend in with the surrounding teeth.

Once the crown is cemented in place, it is permanent and can provide years of effective service.

Dental Bridges refers to where two or more Royale crowns are joined together to help replace one or more missing teeth. They span the space where the teeth are missing.

What is Royale Crown?

There are a variety of reasons where a dentist may recommend a Royale Crown as a suitable restoration for you. Some of the more common scenarios include;

To Replace Missing Teeth:

If you have any missing teeth, or if a large portion of your tooth has fractured, a Royale Crown can help hold dental bridges in place. (The term "dental bridge" simply refers to where two or more Royale Crowns are joined together - so as to replace one or more missing teeth).

For Cosmetic Reasons - Enhancing your Smile:

If you have discoloured teeth, crowded teeth, large gaps or any other cosmetic imperfections, Royale crown can help revitalise your smile.

After Root Canal Treatment:

After Root Canal Treatment, the natural tooth is often weak and brittle - and may break if left exposed. To stop this damage, your dentist may recommend fixing a Royale Crown to cover, strengthen and protect the tooth underneath.

To cover large cavity's and fillings:

Placing a Royale Crown over a cavity offers additional protection - as they can be placed over large fillings or an existing inlay. A Royale Crown can also help strengthen shaky teeth.

To Combat Damage Caused by Teeth Grinding and Poor Diet:

If you grind your teeth and have a poor diet, your teeth may erode to the point where the only available option is to crown them.

If you suffer from any of these problems, or think you might benefit from a Royale Crown for other reasons, please ask your nearest Royale Crown member dentist for more information. They will be happy to assess your teeth and explore the treatment options available to you.

What Dental Problems can Royale Crown Solve?

It may vary according to the severity of case, but patients can have a Royale Crown fitted in as little as two sittings with an a Royale Crown registered member dentist. A typical process is as follows;

1) Initial Consultation with a member Dentist registered with Royale Crown:

During the initial consultation, your nearest member dentist will advise you on your treatment options. If you could benefit from a Royale Crown, then they will prepare your existing tooth to receive a Royale Crown.

They achieve this by cleaning it, removing any decay and reshaping your tooth using a special dental drill (known as a burr). The reshaping will allow a Royale Crown to fit comfortably over the top of it.

Once the tooth has been prepared, an impression (mould) of your teeth will be taken using a special "dental putty".

2) Impression sent to Royale Crown:

This impression is sent to us at Royale Crown - at which point our state-of-the-art production facilities take over. Your impression will be scanned, designed and manufactured via a computer - all with precision accuracy.

Our internationally trained ceramists will then use their expertise to match the shade of your existing teeth to your new Royale Crown. And subtly apply all the porcelain layers that are needed. It's all part of our obsession with quality.

3) Fitting with your dentists registered with Royale Crown:

On your second visit your dentist will present you with your new Royale Crown, which will arrive in attractive Royale Crown packaging. They will place the Royale crown over your tooth - to check it fits in your mouth correctly and that is it the right colour and shape. Once you are happy with your new Royale Crown smile and how it looks, your dentist will cement the crown firmly into place.

And then you're done. You can head out into the world with your new tooth in place, and that perfect, winning Royale Crown smile.

How will my Dentist fit a Royale Crown?

Royale Crowns are only available through member dentists that are registered with Royale Crown and Teeth Pvt Ltd. They will happily provide you with more information and help fit your Royale Crown. If you need help finding your nearest Royal Crown member dentist, don't hesitate to contact us.


Good news. As both Royale Crown PFM and Royale Crown Metal Free are made using the finest imported techniques and materials, they will provide years of effective service.

On average PFM Crowns last between 7 and 15 years.

On average Metal Free crowns last between 9 and 15 years.

These figures are for guidance only - and very often dental restorations can last for longer than this.

The lifespan depends largely on the amount of "wear and tear" the crowns are subjected to. Good oral hygiene practices, and avoiding bad habits (such as grinding, clenching, biting your fingernails) will help prolong the life of your dental restoration.


Any Other Questions?

If you have any other queries don't hesitate to contact us via e-mail on or by clicking here to use our contact form. We'll be happy to help.