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Royale Crown - Metal Free

Royale CrownA 21st century tooth. Join the dental revolution.


Royale Crown Metal Free is our signature premium quality restoration. You can expect ultimate performance, ultimate functionality, greater longevity and the most natural looking smile possible.

It comes backed with our 7-year warranty card and is presented in our attractive Royale Crown packaging.


What makes Royale Crown Metal Free a premium product?

A More Natural Appearance:

Royale Crown Metal Free has an extremely natural looking appearance as its more translucent (lets more light through) than metal-based shells. This means they are virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth.

No Unsightly Grey Lines or Metallic Edges:

In metal crowns, on occasions there may be a dark gray line that occurs where the tooth and the crown meet at the gumline. No such problems in Royale Crown Metal Free.

Non-Allergic and Tissue Friendly:

As it's made from a biocompatible metal-free material, Royale Crown Metal Free is unlikely to cause allergies or adverse reactions - making it suitable for all types of patients.

No Unpleasant Hot and Cold Sensations:

Unlike metal (which is a conductor of heat), you won't feel any unpleasant temperature sensations with Royale Crown Metal free.

Greater Longevity:

Our metal-free material is tough. Very tough. This superior strength means Royale Crowns MF are highly fracture and wear resistant. You can expect your restoration to last for longer.

In summary, Royale Crown Metal Free restorations are completely non-metallic, highly biodegradable, naturally aesthetic, translucent, non-allergic, tissue friendly, and fracture and wear resistant.

Royale Crown - Metal Free

How is Royale Crown Metal Free Made?

Royale Crown Metal Free is designed by our state-of-the-art computer systems to precisely match the shape, size, shade and contours of your tooth. But that's not all. Once designed, our hi-end robotic milling machines then precisely carve out the shell of your tooth from high-grade imported discs. In other words - it's the most accurate restoration you can imagine.

Our expert ceramists then apply a porcelain layer which bonds to this shell, giving the crown its highly natural, white tooth like appearance.

Thanks to the special properties of Royale Crown metal free it will precisely match your other natural teeth - ensuring a perfect, winning Royale Crown smile.

It is the closest thing to a dental masterpiece - why not join the metal-free Royale Crown revolution?

Royale Crown - Metal Free

Can a Royale Crown help fix my teeth?

There are a variety of reasons why a dentist may recommend a Royale Crown. Click here to see some of the dental problems Royale Crown can fix.


What's the difference between Traditional Porcelain Fused to Metal Crowns vs Royale Crown Metal Free?



Where can I get Royale Crown Metal Free

Royale Crowns are only available through member dentists that are registered with Royale Crown and Teeth Pvt Ltd.

Your nearest Royale Crown member dentist will be happy to provide more information. During a consultation they will be able to assess your teeth and explore the treatment options available to you, and fit your Royale Crown.

If you need help finding your nearest Royale Crown member dentist, don't hesitate to contact us.

What's the MRP of Royale Crown Metal Free?

The MRP for a Royale Crown Metal Free (MF) is INR 11200 per unit.